Brender’s Reserve Collection Saturday Night with Dj Vishu

Dated: 17 May 2012 | Category: Press releases |

For Model Town’s Mandeep a Saturday night party was about shaking a leg and some stress off with it. “Too many concerns often make one feel frustrated and are take away sheen of one’s life so one’s got to let go. I am glad the city is catching up with the Saturday night-party culture,” he said.

Kamaljeet, a resident of Model Town, also informed that he had a lot of fun with his friends, “Yaran nal baharan(all fun lies with friends only) and i have made up my mind to keep partying hard with friends.”

Amit Sharma, who stays in Haibowal, said at the party he was able to cut off from everything else and enjoy to the hilt. “After chilling out on Saturday and relaxing on Sundays one is charged up for the week ahead. When we have adopted the western work culture it is important that we adopt their ways of enjoying too.”

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