Brew Bash ring’s in T20 World Cup

Dated: 25 September 2012 | Category: Press releases |

The late night party at Brew Master was great hit among the residents and the T20 World Cup added to the fun for party freaks and lip-smacking snacks were also a hit as the party ended at 3.30 am in the morning. The fresh beer from the microbrewery with the snacks and cricket match on the big screen added up to make the perfect party for cricket lovers, dance freaks and for the people who want to enjoy at the dock.

The individual attention to every guest was the unique part of the party and the changing weather added more color as people who were bored of wearing the t-shirts flaunted their best matching attires. Before the party ended, most of the guests were recalling their college days party and pranks and jokes turned the part into the gossiping session. The fever of T 20 gripped one and all as the talk was that India will win the World Cup again.

The in-house DJ Elton who has just returned from Chennai fulfilled his long pending wish was highly energetic and set the right tempo for the weekend party. Gurpreet Singh, one of the partygoers, said he feels so proud that the best Djs play in the town and the whole ambience is far better than that of bars and party loungers in the metros.

Yogendra Yadav on the other side of the dock, who is handling the bartender job and now is working with Brewmaster, said guests demand fresh beers and the experimentation with deadly combinations make the party freaks more hungry. He said many of the party freaks ask him about the quality of the beers that are produced in microbrewery and he also enjoy sharing the qualities of beer as partying is all about good music, drinks, food and gossip.

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