The Brewing Process In 9 Stages

MILLING: Whole malted grain is milled (portioned and cracked) to allow it to absorb water, which in turn helps to extract sugar from the malt.

BREW WATER PREPARATION: Two Large tanks are delicately used to prepare & store treated hot & chilled water, which are essential components in the later stages of the brewing process.

MASHING: The milled grain is added with Hot water obtained in the prior process to the first out of the set of two copper tanks; where it is mashed & stepped to extract the soluble goodness of the grain.

OBTAINING THE WORT/BREWING: The mashed liquid is then transferred to the second copper tank where the mash (spent grain Later removed) is filtered to obtain the Wort. Hops are added to the Wort & it is further boiled / brewed in the wort kettle for a prescribed time iterval to precipitate unwanted elements & to infuse the exotic flavour of different variety of hops into the wort.

COOLING: The Wort once is cooled rapidly to ideal fermentation temp (12* – 14*C).The chilled water prepared and stored earlier is used as a coolant in this process.

FERMENTATION: Based upon the beer style the BrewMaster adds an appropriate strain of yeast to cooled Wort & the mixture is transferred to conical fermentation tanks. The yeast breaks down the fermentable sugar to produce alcohol & Co2, which ultimately gives the beer its familiar taste. Ideal cycle time is 14-17 days, which comprises of Fermentation (5-7 days) and maturation (12-15 days).

CONDITIONING: The beer is filtered from the yeast & transferred to the serving tanks also known as BBT’s (Bright Beer Tank) where it is conditioned for a couple of days for flavour improvisation and optimum level of carbonation.

TAPPING: The matured beer is tapped / served through our specialized serving taps.

REFRESHING:Our beer is fresh, nutritious and different from bottled beer. Is produced using malt, hops and water only. It has:
– No chemicals/enzymes
– No artificial flavours/agents
– No inogranic preservatives

Brewing a Perfect Pint is more of an “Art” rather Than a Predefined Technique and We Endeavour to reflect this “Finesse” in our “Every Pint”