The BrewMaster’s Family of Beers

Only the finest malt and hops go into our beers. All our brewery beers are fresh and a 100% free from preservatives, chemicals and Enzymes. The BrewMaster offers its Patrons a Choice between Four varieties of beer on any given day.

Brewery Beer- Servings / Sizes to choose from:

i) British Pint (1/2 L)

ii) Pitcher (1 1/2 L)

iii) Beer Bazooka (3 L)

iv) Triton (5 L)

Brewery Beer- Varities to choose from:

Amber Beer

A premium lager with a crisp & rich taste, with a punchy head; brewed using imported barley malt & hops.

Blonde’e Beer

A smooth & light bodied specialty wheat beer, with a heavenly head; Brewed using exotic strains of malted wheat and Bavarian hops.

Brunette Beer

A full bodied dark ale beer engulfed with a roasted flavor, smoky aroma and crispy head; brewed using roasted malt & hops.

IceBrew Beer

Banana Beer

Black Hawk

Golden Lager

Mango Beer

Marzen Beer

Porter Beer

Radler Beer

Rice Beer

Vanilla Beer

Weizen Beer


A Dry stout ale with distinctive coffee Flavour, creamy head, brewed using Speciality black and hops.

Brew Master Brew

A new recipe every week carefully calibrated by our expert Brew Master ensures an ever-changing, delightful and refreshing selection of beers for our patrons throughout the year.Some of our speciality beers like vanilla beer, Ice Beer, Rice Beer, Diet Beer and many more.


A Premium ale, Crisp and Sweet, with a Punchy head; brewed using European Red Malts and hops.

The BrewMaster Boilers* (Beer Cocktails)

Beer Bomb – The Sailor’s Choice, Ride out the Rough seas
(Blonde’ Beer, Fresh Ginger, lime juice & Apple Vodka)

Dark & Stormy – Elevate, Refresh, Blast your Mind & soul
(Rum with Brunette beer)

Beer Buster – Bust, Surpass all your Impasses and Predidaments
(Chilled vodka, Tabasco, added to an impeccable pint of Amber)

Michelada Twist – The Mexican Touch Perfect for those Rough Edges
(Blonde’ wih an exotic Mediterranean Touch)

Space Monkey – Jive to the Jungle Beats
(Ginger ale, Amber brew and a secret recipe from Mars)

Devil’s Touch – Hell’s Cocktail, for The Devil Inside You
(Amber Brew, Sambuca & Lime)

Raging Bull- Anger; Youth; Ecstasy
(Blonde’ Beer, Red bull & Tequila)

The Boiler Maker – Also known as a Shot and a Beer
(Choice of a shot of varied domestic alcohols* (any alcohols* upto Rs. 100 per 30 ml) dropped in your choice of beer)