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Sweet Something

The Quaint taste of the sweet potato makes it one of the adventurous
root vegetables to experiment with. Roast it, steam it or spice it
up and there you have a delicious mid-meal snack.

Shakarkandi ki chaat

* Sweet Potato 250 gm
* Fresh mint leaf 10 gm
* Fresh Coriander leaf 10 gm
* Green Chilly 5 gm
* Mango Powder 10 gm
* Red Chili Powder 5 gm
* Salt as per taste
* White pepper as per taste
* Cumin powder 5 gm
* Fresh thick curd 50 ml
* Tamarind Chutney 20 ml


1. Boil the sweet potato and peel and cut in dice shape.
2. Chop the fresh mint leaf coriander and green chilly.
3. Take a bowl and put the dice sweet potato fresh coriander leaf,
mint leaf, green chilly cumin powder, red chilli powder, salt, white
pepper and mix it very well.
4. Add Tamarind chutney, curd and pour in serving plate scope the
fresh whisky curd and serve cold.

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