Featured in Daily Post 1st April 2012

Dated: 2 April 2012 | Category: Press releases |

People of Ludhiana joined the world in celebrating the World Earth Hour as the iconic monuments on saturday.

Everybody was elated as they contributed their little bit to save the environment. Even youngsters celebrated the Earth Day. Everyone’s motto was to show solidarity towards conserving energy and protecting nature by switching off light. Couples and families seen enjoying the candle-lit dinner.

The talks suddenly shifted from the mundane year-end closing or the birthday-party to “what this Earth Hour is all about”. As clock struck 8.30 pm darkness descended on famous Yellow Chilli restaurant at Sarabha nagar market and The BrewMaster in Westend mall taking guests by surprise. After a few moments candlelight dawned replacing the use of the incandescent electricity lamps.

Huzoor Ahmed, General Manager of The BrewMaster said that he was elated that many of the kids asked him about the importance of the Earth Hour.

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