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Featured in Thehindubusinessline.com

Bangalore set to froth with microbreweries
Bangalore, April 4:

Several companies are lining up to open microbreweries in Bangalore after the State Government recently relaxed norms for setting up such entities.
“We are very aggressively looking at coming to Bangalore. In fact, we are working on setting up a microbrewery there within 60 days,” said Mr Shafiul Alam, Associate Director Operations, The BrewMaster, a microbrewery pioneer from Punjab.
The State recently allowed microbreweries to set up operations without the need to own a bar licence to sell it in its premises.

Mr Alam said his company was already in talks with Bangalore-based companies to set up a microbrewery either through a franchisee route or through a joint venture.
“It is very attractive. Bangalore was in the top three options for us because it is the beer-drinking capital. Now, when you look at the economic impact, it makes it our number one priority,” said Mr Suketu Talekar, co-founder of Doolally, a microbrewery based out of Pune. “I will make 20 per cent to 30 per cent more in Bangalore. It makes more sense to target Karnataka than any other State.”
Mr Sannabhathappa, Joint Commissioner of Excise (D&B), said earlier microbrewery licence holder had to also possess a bar licence to sell it and the size of the microbrewery should be at least 10,000 sq. ft.
Microbreweries can brew a maximum of 1,000 litres of beer a day and apart from an annual fee of Rs 2.5 lakh, they have to pay duty of Rs 2 on 50 per cent of the installed capacity and excise of Rs 12.5 on 50 per cent of the installed capacity. Bangalore has three microbreweries and at least one of them doesn’t seem to mind the competition that the new rules will bring in and instead praised the Government for relaxing the rules.
“The Government should get out of the way and encourage small brewers. There is so much room in this country to grow,” said Mr Narayan Manepally, Co-Founder of Beerworks, which also makes Geist beer.


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