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Dated: 1 August 2012 | Category: Press releases |

The Great hit songs, rounds of tambola games, gossip, cracking of jokes with drinks on the rocks and the delicious food marked the couple kitty party in BrewMaster on the fourth floor of Westend Mall on Friday night. The Dj Elton Creado mixed the songs so well that everybody present in the party was in mood to chill as the soothing music had set the tempo of the party. Daman and Mona hosted the party to have fun with their friend, with playing Kitty games. They said, “Couples were awesome, the chemistry and the enthusiasm among them was noticeable”. Beside this, the food and the beer stole the party hours to the full. He said, “Brew Master is famous for specialized beers and they really mean it. The party members had a great time in having the real taste of beverages.”

Another party people, Saurabh Dhal and Monica Dhal said, ” Being parents, we get less time to spend with each other but this event gave us the special moments with each other. It was all fun. Great Food, awesome music and exotic location made it more special.”

General Manager, BrewMaster Ludhiana, Huzoor Ahmad said that Dj Elton Creado is the best and he can make every person present in the party to dance as he knows the taste of the party freaks. He said that all the couples enjoyed the party as they demanded exclusivity and we provided beer form the microbrewery. Chef of the BrewMaster Arvind Divedi said that every group that organizes the party demands exclusive food menu for them. He said as per the mood of the party he prepared the vegetarian and non-vegetarian snacks including and Awadhi buffet for the main course for the party people.

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