Happy Dussehra @ The BrewMaster

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Happy Dussehra @ The BrewMaster


Dussehra Wishes

Dussehra Wishes TBM

Dussehra Wishes TBM all

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    Ke$ha wants you to read her lips. The edgy songstress is sporting a painful looking new tattoo on the inside of her mouth, and she’s not afraid to show it. The star posted a photo of her new inked-up pout to Instagram, adding “new tatt!!!”

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    NOTES: Rios’ homer snapped a six-game streak without a long ball for Texas at Rangers Ballpark. … Astros rookie C Max Stassi rejoined the team in the same ballpark where he was hit by a pitch in the jaw and missed a month with a concussion. Stassi hadn’t played since Aug. 21 at Rangers Ballpark, where a pitch from Texas reliever Tanner Scheppers glanced off his left shoulder and hit him in the jaw the day after his major league debut. He went 0 for 1 on Monday.

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    BURKA, West Bank (AP) — Palestinian farmers on Thursday reclaimed lands they had lost decades earlier to an Israeli settlement, celebrating a rare legal victory their lawyer said illustrates that Israel’s settlement enterprise is reversible.

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    Former “X Factor” contestant Lucy Spraggan’s first album for Columbia/Sony, “Join The Club,” started at No. 7 and Panic At The Disco opened at No. 10 with “Too Weird To Live, Too Rare To Die” (Decaydance/Fueled By Ramen/Warner Music).

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    Those caps will take effect as planned for all health plans sold in the new insurance exchanges and offered through employers whose medical and drug benefits are administered by the same entity. But Americans enrolled in other plans could still face higher costs.

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    The Bulger trial, which began on June 6, was expected to last into September. But at a sidebar conference today Carney and federal prosecutor Brian Kelly told the judge that it was possible the jury could get the case as early as next week.

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    Speculation Kerimov may sell the 21.75 percent stake inUralkali, held through his foundation, was fuelled last weekendby a Facebook post by lawyer Alexander Dobrovinsky that talkswith pro-Putin businessmen were under way.

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    The Patriots and Saints joined the Kansas Chiefs with their third straight victories of the new season while the New York Giants and Washington Redskins were left wondering where their first wins will come from after embarrassing defeats.

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    Green did warn, however, that that market last year was particularly strong due to bad weather around much of Europe, which is not a factor this year. The group is always profitable in its fourth quarter, following the summer holiday period.

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    “It’s the first growth we’ve achieved in the UK for twoyears. The growth is quite diversified across the UK…and we’vegot what seems to be the start of a more broad-based recovery,”he told Reuters.

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    The Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA), enacted in 2010, is to take effect next July. It will require foreign financial institutions to tell the U.S. Internal Revenue Service about Americans’ offshore accounts worth more than $50,000.

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    The rules came about because regulators noticed during thefinancial crisis that many banks were raising billions ofdollars of capital just months after having bought back sharesor paid dividends. Bank executives generally view cuttingdividends as a signal of financial weakness, and are oftenreluctant to take the step even when it is prudent.

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    The deal, which was agreed last May between the two allies and will allow Iran to acquire equity stakes in investments in Syria, was part of a package to extend Iranian aid to President Bashar al Assad’s government, its main political ally.

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