Published on Daily Post – Midday Week For Good Gatherings

Dated: 1 February 2013 | Category: Press releases |

Yes Everyone waits for the weekend to get into the mood to socialize and shake a leg. That’s the corporate world for you. But in a city like Ludhiana where the corporate community is seen less than the business community, it is not strange that people are seen busy with their social lives even in the middle of the week. Call it a matter of convenience or just an amazing liking towards cheese.

The wine and cocktail Society were at it again; sipping wine and nibbling on exotic cheese and this time at the Brewmaster on Wednesday evening. But that is typical of what do always. Their meeting on every fourth Wednesday of the month has been a regular feature for quite a while now and most of the members say they are glad that they can do this sort of socialize as it cuts through the monotony of routine.

Indeed! Who wouldn’t want a slice of this life to look forward to which does not only bring you together with friends but also gives you an opportunity to learn about all kinds of wines that there are.

“This is more of a learning experience than anything else.” said Neetu Chandhoke, a member of the society. Which is true since the members exhibited a reasonable amount of appreciation towards the wine that was being served delicious Hors d’ceuvres that were second to nothing. Navin Uniyal, General Manager at Brewmaster said that a society like this will do well for the wine connoisseurs that are in the making. The idea is to get people to enjoy their drinks but to do it responsibly.

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