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Dated: 5 March 2013 | Category: Press releases |

We have seen passion and we have seen it good. There is a story which is just as intriguing as the passion itself.Moving past all obstacles, 26 year old Tapan Phull stands behind the DJ console and mixes two songs so effortlessly, that one feels that this individual truly has some god gift.

Indeed, watching DJ Tapan at the mixing console does make you believe in miracles as he mixed beats with just one hand at The Brew Master on Saturday evening. When he is performing, the disc jockey owns the stage. Having lost his arm in a train accident in Mumbai, at the age of14 years, this teenager was disappointed with life.

“I got on with life soon, but it took me awhile to regain my passion for music and mixing music,” he said. “I went back to school and went about trying to get my life back. Before hiring me, people are very skeptical about what I will do with just one hand,” Tapan added. It was hard road, he admits, as he tried to take up his passion for DJing with one hand alone.

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