Saturday night with Dj Anna and Dj Vishal @ Chaos Lounge

Dated: 8 July 2013 | Category: Press releases |

With a relatively more active night life than what it had some time back Ludhiana, the city is coming to be somewhat of a party destinations for those who have been here and had a taste of its night life.

With Ludhiana becoming a party goer’s paradise, the night life in the city has constantly been working its way up. There is a lot to learn from the way people respond to music and there is a long story behind how this era of partying and night life came around.

But to cut a long story short, let’s just say that there has been a lot of influx of music into the city and some very encouraging party venues who have made sure that even while a part of the city sleeps, there is a bunch of residents who are high on adrenaline and can be seen grooving to music late into the night.

Playing at Brew Master was DJ Anna on Saturday night. This DJ from Delhi played Bollywood and kept the guests high into the air. It was a while before the people hit the dance floor and started to really enjoy the music and after that it was just pure fun.

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