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Dated: 8 July 2013 | Category: Press releases |

The residents who had come to Brew Master on Friday night were in for a surprise. The Guests were being treated to the soulful strains of Sufi music. But then Sufi music is soulful and the people of Ludhiana love that but their appetite for music longs for variety. Which is why other Bollywood and peppy numbers; even ghazals, were heard eventually Jayant Sankla, the lead vocals, Pravesh Kumar on the guitar and Omkar iamhan were seen entertaining the guests with their music, “It is only in a place like Ludhiana where the audience is so responsive”, said Jayant. More than anything it looked like the performers were enjoying the show.

The Band Aayudh is actually a five member band and the other members are Shantam Goel who plays the drums and Karan Wadhwa who plays the base guitar. All the five members of the band are students and try to strike a balance between their studies and their passion for music. This is the first time that the band had come to Ludhiana and was playing outside Delhi.

These fresh faces on the Ludhiana music circuit made sure to leave a lasting impression on the people as they asked the guests to sing along and even dance. Having been working together for the last three years they not only seemed to have a great rapport with each other; they lost no time in creating that rapport with the guests as well and were soon on first name terms with almost everyone present.

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