Tribune Life+Style Published Master Chef Crunchy Kernels

Dated: 26 February 2013 | Category: Press releases |

Corns like peas and potatoes are versatile ingredients. Steam them, fry them or cook them, they can be had in all forms. They add such a beautiful color to the dish besides making it crunchy. Here, we have a convenient snack to make with ingredients off the shelf.


Corn kernels: 400gm
Ajino motto : 10 gm
Lemon : 1
Salt Pepper : to taste
Vinegar : 4 drops
Chopped ginger and garlic : 20gm
Spring Onion Chopped : 30gm
Chopped red and green chilies: 20gm
Cooking wine and brandy : 4 drops
Corn flour : 200gm
Oil : for frying


Put Corn kernels, salt, sugar, white pepper and lemon juice in a bowl. Leave it for 5 minutes. Dust it with corn flour. Deep fry till crisp. Take a non-stick pan and put the all chop ingredients together and sauté for 30 seconds. Mix the corn kernels and sprinkle the seasoning. Put the lemon juice and brandy. Serve hot with chili sauce.

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