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Music is life for him, the word attitude is not in his dictionary and ‘down to earth’ quality is the biggest treasure he has. Al the craves for is to eat, sleep, and drink music. When DJ Vkey matured into a full grown young man he inclined himself towards electronic music and one day he decided to walk into Djing and today he is a renowned name in the DJ fraternity and the party world.

Vkey has worked with all the big names of the industry and on Sunday he gave his first ever performance in the city on the first anniversary of microbrewery and restaurant. The talented DJ feels that Ludhianvis are more educated than Delhites when it comes to the understanding of music. The party freaks respond well when the tempo is set on the console feels the celeb DJ.

Impressed by the crowd of the city DJ Vkey is all set to release his second album Audio-graph 2 in month of November. Earlier he had released his first album Audio-graph in the year 2009 on universal music and his video track “Madhoshiyan” is hit in the parties. He said that crowd of Ludhiana behaves well when it comes to dance floor and responds well to the music played by DJ.

Punjabi by heart, the gentleman was born in Delhi and was brought up in the city of dreams Mumbai, where he grew up to be a leading DJ. He often made trip to the discos but the Djs there could not mesmerize the young heart and so he developed his own penchant for spinning the tracks.

When he was only 17 years old, the young Vkey stepped into the new world of Djing. Vkey got his first shot in the arm when he won the All India DMC Championship in 2000. This championship was recognized by the Ministry of sound, UK. This achievement brought him lots of accolades and wide recognition as a DJ. This led to many offers from across the country and the biggest among them was to perform for Raymonds industrialist Gautam Singhania in 2001-02. Apart from that Vkey successfully made the participants jive in the longest dance party in Mumbai. Till date he has done ample of shows around some of the best places all over India.

DJ Vkey said he has maintained his originality and uniqueness since his famous mix of Jon Bon Jovi Its My Life with garba beats. Almost more than a decade in the Djing scenario, Vkey feels that music has no boundary; it has become more international day by day. According to him electro house and hip-hop are presently creating waves in the industry.

DJ Vkey has also been imparting training and providing Djs to reputed night clubs in India and Dubai. The music lover has his memories with Amitabh Bachan, Rajneesh Duggal, Sayali Bhagat at the music launch of “The weekend” and at the music launch of Tip Tip Barsa Pani and La Tomatia festival which he fondly discussed as the best moments of his life but he considers Ludhiana like his home town now.

His real name is Mohit Kumar and he plays as DJ Vkey on the console.

Spotted at Brew master, the city’s microbrewery-cum-restaurant at Westend Mall on Saturday night was well-known DJ Vkey from Mumbai, who is known for his talent in spinning Bollywood Songs.

The DJ is best known to have made his audience jive in the longest dance party that was held in Mumbai a few years ago. He also released his first album, Audio-graph, on universal Music in 2009, and will soon release his second album, Audiograph2. Living up to his name, DJ Vkey ensured that the guests in the city did not leave the dance floor till late in the night.

Previously, DJ Vkey has been a winner of the All India DMC Championship in 2000 (a Djing Championship recognized by the Ministry of sound, UK) and has also won wide recogntion through the country. Having spent more than a decade in the Djing scenario, Vkey feels music has no boundary and in fact, has become more international by the day.

“Electro house and hip-hop are presently creating waves in the industry. Though it’s a new wave in the stream, Djing is sharing space with other professions, and so Djs are becoming a part of the mainstream market,” says Vkey, known for his famous mix of Jon Bon Jovi’s It’s My Life with Garba beats.

Talking of Bollywood music ruling the roost at most parties, Vkey observes that since Bollywood remixes and solo remix albums are catching the youngsters’ hearts, this form of music has gained a momentum of success and popularity.

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