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City gears up for T20 World Cup
We all know what a good cricket match means. Other than a good innings, it means a lot of friends, cheering and booze.

We all know what a good cricket match means. Other than a good innings, it means a lot of friends, cheering and booze. It means sly glances at the cricket updates on your phone, while you are in a meeting. It means fighting over the television remote, and when you aren’t doing that, staring at the television screen wide eyed and open mouthed.

The 2012 ICC World Twenty20 will be the fourth ICC World Twenty20 Competition, an international Twenty20 cricket tournament that will be held in Sri Lanka between September 18 and October 7, 2012. This will be the first World Twenty20 tournament held in an Asian Country, the last three being held in South Africa, England and the West Indies respectively.

Here’s another year and another T20 World Cup on the way. So what if it isn’t being held in Ludhiana. Restaurants and bars all over the city are all out to give you the cricket experience of your life! Stores and restaurants take it upon themselves to make sure that isn’t anything that will come in the way of a good cricket tournament.

No one seems to be untouched by the cricket fever which will rise gradually as the tournament progresses. Quite a few places have already set up projection screams where people in the city will be able to enjoy the cricket matches and experience being a part of a global audience. Dilmohan Singh, Manager, A Hotel said, “We have set up a projection screen and are looking forward to see a lot of cricket enthusiasts come and enjoy the game.”

To get the people really involved with the feeling of cricket is jerseys and other cricket paraphernalia, which will be hitting stores shortly, if they haven’t already.

Some places have tailored menus and offers for the cricket season. Rakesh Rawat, GM, Gigabite, said, “We have special drink combos with cricket names for them.”

Completing the feel of the cricket season will be the stewards at BrewMaster, MBD Mall, who will be wearing the Indian Cricket team uniform. “We are giving special offers to our customers. There will be prizes for those who guess the winning team”, said Huzoor Ahmed.


1 To root the Indian cricket team at the T20 World Cup, you will soon be able to buy the Indian Cricket team jerseys from Nike Stores in the city.
2 A hotel on Ferozpur Road is giving out free goodies to those who are able to predict result of the next ball.
3 Spice Cube, Ferozpur Road, is offering 20 percent off on home delivery.
4 The Yellow Chilli is keeping their offers a surprise for the people of Ludhiana for now.
5 Gigabite will be serving beverage combos named, Super Fours, Super Sixes, Free Hits and Power Play. They will also be giving away t-shirts with the tri-color on it.
6 BrewMaster will be serving drinks by the name of cricket players. They are also extending special offers on food and drinks to their customers.

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