Write up on Daily Post – 5 Tips for Bar Manners

Dated: 26 November 2012 | Category: Press releases |

5 Tips for Bar Manners

Navin Uniyal, general Manager,Brewmaster Shares some pointers to follow when you are required to put your best foot forward at a bar.

  • When you walk into any bar, to look around and see how busy the bartender is, and watch how the other customers interact with him or her.This will give you an idea about how to best approach him or her.
  • Whistling or snapping your fingers isn’t the way to go. The best way to get a bartender’s attention is to approach him or her wherever he or she is standing behind the bar, and not standing six feet away from him or her and yelling or waving.
  • When the bartender finally gets to you, have your order ready. If you’re with friends, find out what each of them is drinking before you even try to get the bartender’s attention.
  • If you want to call for the tab, have a credit card or cash ready by the time the bartender has poured your drinks.
  • With very few exceptions you should tip at least 20 percent of the total of your tab, 25 percent if you feel extra generous and more so if you intend to return to the bar.

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