Write up on Daily Post about Nepoleon at The BrewMaster in Ludhiana

Dated: 5 November 2012 | Category: Press releases |

The passion of developing new recipes at home during his childhood and helping the family in cooking has made Nepoleon Biswajeet Pattanaik the first brewer of the Manchester of India. He is one of the most renowned brewers in North India and has prepared more than 25 recipes for beer. According to him, Ludhianvis are enjoying the taste of micro brewery beer at pub brewery as it is fresh and in the next couple of years their first preference will be beer prepared through microbrewery pub brewery, he said.

With five years of experience, Pattanaik is busy in quality management, raw material inspection, preparing recipes for different beers, checking and configuring the machinery equipments specifications and plant designing of the pub brewery. He Believes that Ludhiana is the market for scotch and Whiskey but people are beginning to like fresh beer.

The brewer said microbrewery beer, pub brewery is all about taste, aroma, hopping pattern, alcohol content, hygienic condition and fermentation. He said being a brewer is a good profession and youngsters should pursue a career in B tech(chemical and alcohol engineering). He said he has worked in Orissa, Nepal, Patna, Assam, but the experience of Ludhiana has been a challenging as a major market shift is required so that beer lovers can develop a taste for microbrewery beer.

Pattanaik stated that bottled beer has a shelf life of six months. He said he is busy these days in launching the new pub brewery in Jalandhar and is primarily telling the people of the city about the health benefits of pub brewery beer. Its more hygienic than common beer. Nepoleon Biswajeet Pattanaik said his hobby is listening to music and reading books but his professional interests are in microbrewery.

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