Write up on Daily Post – City’s Music Taste is Improving

Dated: 9 October 2012 | Category: Press releases |

With a relatively more active night life than what was some time back Ludhiana is coming to be somewhat of a party destination for those who have been here and had a taste of the Ludhiana’s night life.

It takes a lot more than just an experiment to appeal to party goers who have been accustomed to driving to Delhi or Chandigarh to have their weekends sorted. Evolving, over time, is also their taste in music.

We recently saw that out of city DJs did not appeal to the party freaks in Ludhiana and resident DJs did a much better job of keeping the crowds intact; dancing the night away.

DJ Elton, a resident DJ for BrewMaster Restro Bar in Westend Mall, said, “Commercial music is always popular with the crowds. I play a lot of house and Punjabi numbers for the people who come to party. Once you have set a vibe and made a connect with the people they will dance till they drop. The best part is that they do not limit their affinity to one particular kind of music or a particular track. They are open to a whole lot of other music as well.”

DJ Rinks, who played at The Hub on Saturday night said, “The taste of people of Ludhiana in music is getting better. They always request for Bollywood numbers but they do appreciate western music too. Honey Singh is very popular with the crowds.”

Naveen Uniyal, General Manager, The BrewMaster, Ludhiana said, “It’s only been a week that I’ve joined here and I can see that the people are looking for good food and good music so when they get it they automatically like to visit where they can find it.”

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