Write up on DP – Births, Weddings made special by 12.12.12

Dated: 14 December 2012 | Category: Press releases |

There were people saying that 12.12.12 will be a bad day, but some people made it a point to not let that prediction come true at any cost. While some residents of the city decided to stay indoors, others wouldn’t let the chance to party go by.
People found their own ways of celebrating the day. Births, birthdays, and anniversaries, and weddings were lined uo for this day, but what made them all so special was the fact that they fell on the date 12.12.12.

Whether they considered it a celebration or just another excuse to shake a leg, 40 odd people danced the night away at BrewMaster in Ludhiana on Wednesday. It wasn’t anyone’s birthday, but just another reasonto celebrate another day well spent and the hope to wake it through this day.

Shammi Kapoor and his family were a part of the guests and were celebrating his parent’s 25th wedding anniversary. “This day was doubly special for us, as not only this was a 12.12.12 day but also my parents celebrated their silver jubilee anniversary. We spent the night dancing and had a very good time.”

DJ Aman set the tempo for the party with his music and everyone found a tune to dance to as they celebrated the day.
The guests at BrewMaster weren’t the only ones celebrating this special day. 12.12.12 was a big day for Rekha Arora as she turned 43 years old on his day. To celebrate this day Rekha’s husband threw a lavish party for his wife and invited all their relatives and neighbours to the party. Rekha’s parents, who had never celebrated her birthday at her in-law’s place did so this year as they were very happy as their daughter was celebrating her birthday on a special day.

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