Your Beer in a Keg published on Daily Post Ludhiana

Dated: 4 March 2013 | Category: Press releases |

Life is just getting easier day-by-day. Those looking to have a good time in the comfort of their homes, this is the perfect way of making sure that you are able to have your favorite micro brewery beer. There will be many grinning faces when they know that they can carry home their beer in five liter tin kegs that are now available at The Brew Master. The Restro bar will now be selling their prized beer in kegs of five liter, which can be refilled. Someone who wants their favorite micro brewery beer, can just ask for it and the Restro bar will top the keg and give it to you. “You can ideally keep the beer for two days,” said Navin Uniyal, General Manager, Brew Master. The Beer would be delivered to your home if you live within a 10km radius of the Restro bar. “If someone takes a keg for the first time, it will cost them Rs 1,499 and the refill cost is Rs 999,” said Brewer Napoleon. “With the kegs, the beer becomes easy to store though we advice our customers to not keep the beer for longer than two days,” he added.

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